Weemo develops cloud videoconferencing APIs for business applications. Embed real-time video collaboration tools into your apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Real-Time Video for Your App

Add video calling and conferencing to your apps with just a few lines of code and the reliability and scalability of our Global WebRTC Platform.





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Deliver real-time video powered apps on any device, any browser, any network, that scale as you grow.



Scalable, Reliable, Interoperable

Weemo video cloud. Use Weemo to enable videoconferencing in your business applications.

Real-Time Video Cloud

Our rock-solid global video cloud means that there’s no infrastructure for you to deploy. Weemo is a pure cloud offering that’s always available and never requires expensive IT resources.

Enterprise Ready.  Weemo is made for enterprise applications.

Enterprise Ready

True HD videoconferencing with enterprise level quality. Secure and compatible with corporate firewalls and proxies. Weemo is built for a work environment and designed to exceed expectations.

Painless integration. Embedding Weemo is incredibly easy.

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Embed real-time video collaboration capabilities into your apps in a matter of hours. We provide Web and Mobile APIs, Applets and SDKs for developers and integrators to embed Real Time Video and screen sharing into their Apps.


Solve your real-time communication challenges today

Weemo makes it easy to embed real-time video and screen sharing into business applications for any number of users. The Weemo video cloud can be accessed from web, desktop and mobile applications via web or native APIs. To start integrating real-time video in your application, click to get started and request a developer API key below.

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