Embed high-quality real-time video into your mobile application by simply using the Weemo API

Have you ever considered adding real-time video to your mobile app, but haven’t found a solution which is easy to implement and compatible with both iOS and Android?

Look no further, with the Weemo API you will overcome these challenges by simply embedding a few lines of code into your Android/iOS app!

“With Weemo’s API, we were able to integrate multi-party videoconferencing within eXo Platform in a matter of hours. That’s right: hours!” – Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO of eXo Platform

The Weemo API allows you to provide your mobile users with a unique real-time video experience such as video calling and conferencing for:

  • Mobile-to-mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Mobile-to-desktop
  • Desktop-to-mobile

The Weemo API is packaged as SDKs for iOS and Android. Our API provides you the benefits of our global real-time cloud video platform which guarantees reliability and high-quality video at a global scale.


The Weemo API beta is now open to developers who want to deliver new real-time video experiences to their users! Don’t wait to start your 30-day free trial!

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